Welcome to Menatech Limited

Menatech Limited is an industrial Research & Development consultancy; our mission is to aid & support emerging innovative technologies.  We provide a range of advanced R&D consultancy services at pivotal points in the development process, from the initial conceptual idea through to prototype demonstration and have specialist experience in the energy, environment and maritime industries. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you to reach your goals.

Case Studies

Menatech Limited has gathered together a substantial portfolio of selected work carried out for our clients & partners, the video posted here is our latest showcase related to the University of Chester’s Hydro project. Further work is under way to add additional features such as sluices, fish pass and the proposed turbines.

Please see our YouTube site and explore our detailed case studies to further to understand how we work. Check back frequently for updates and additions.


Menatech Limited has carried out an advanced computational fluid dynamics simulation of an air lift ...

Menatech Limited’s in-house and client technology development programmes frequently require the us...

Menatech Limited presents an innovation-simulation-realisation showcase of an advanced Computational...

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`Menatech Limited simulates an advanced Air Lift Reactor, see https://t.co/CLvufirRHf`